Concrete Leveling similar to our process.  Watch the videos below to See how it works!

Concrete Leveling also known as concrete raising or mudjacking, is the most widely used alternative to concrete replacement! Don’t be fooled by poly-foam or limestone! Why pay more for the same results? We are highly creditable and we stick to our warranty!

We service Macomb & Oakland County!

We Are Licensed & Fully Insured.

We Service: Driveways, Sidewalks, Steps, Garage floors, Porches, Patios, Pool decks, Roads, Parking lots, Curbs & Concrete gutters, Interior house floors, Warehouse floors, Void fills and stabilizing.

Call For A Free Estimate! We Give A 2 Year Warranty! 586-531-6329

Our mud slurry that is injected beneath your concrete contains portland cement and hardens to prevent from wash out. Most competitors will tell you that their product is better. But what is underneath the product that they are Injecting? More soil and gravel that is just as susceptible to wash out as any other product! Don’t pay more for the same results. Seal your concrete joints after leveling and the results will last even longer!

new new beforeafterwalk with lettering

View Our Photo Gallery For More Before & After Photos!

At Mud Masters Concrete Leveling we pride ourselves on quality work, insuring we don’t leave any voids behind, the holes are neatly patched and a thorough cleanup is done!

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