• Pre-cast Step Replacement

Are your old steps falling apart? do they have holes and chips causing water to sit on top becoming a hazard. Or do they just simply look unpleasant? Have us replace them for you and we will take the old steps away!

  • Seal Coating

Enhance your concrete! Waterproof and protect your concrete from salt damage, chipping and fading! We power wash all surfaces before application. The product we use is top of the line and we always apply 2 coats of sealant to insure an even coating that will last. The results say it all! Notice the lighter faded concrete in the photos below are before the sealant is applied. After the sealant you can notice a more vibrant color and shine.

seal 1 beforeseal 1 afterseal patio beforeseal patio aftersealcoatseal 3 beforeseal 3 after

  • Joint Caulking

caulk 2caulk 1caulk wb drive beforecaulk wb drive after

Get more life out of your driveway or concrete surfaces! Prevent water from entering your seams that wash material out from under your slabs, causing them to sink. Prevent moisture from entering, freezing and causing trips and cracks in your concrete. Caulking your driveway is like shingling your roof! No matter where or what type of concrete you have we can caulk it and make it look better than ever before. We offer 9 different colors to match your concrete, whether its plain, dyed, or stamped we can match it to your preference. Our caulk isn’t like the cheap self leveling caulk you might get from retail stores. We use a 2 part polyurethane mixture that is chemically cured and tooled into place for a clean looking finish. Before application every joint is ground with a diamond wheel to insure the edges are clean and scarred for a strong long lasting bond. We also offer wet stick tar caulk, it is a black tar sealant that will also get the job done!